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Welcome to Mercenary Corp - Vindictive Syndicate.
We're a Fed/Klingon Fleet

 Just a Cool Video Enjoy^^^

Fleet Info:

Team Speak:
Mercenary Corp Info: Ask Officers and Fleet Leaders for info.
Please join in the Star Terk online room Please stayout channles that have other people in playing other Games.

Fleet Ranks:

Fleet members must inform leadership that there rank is mess up otherwise it will not get fixed
by use of teamspeak or tells in game to Fleet Leader or Senior Officer.

Fleet Leader or Senior Officer also have right to kick a remove a member if that
member come to us with a request of rank advancement that dosen't meet requirements
or members are giving Flase hoods.

Any abuse of rights will lead to demotion or kick form fleet and ban form Teamspeak

Recruit: New member

Member: atleast One week active Member and 50,000 points+ on starbase leaderboard.

Sergeant: One month active Member and 150,000 points+ on star base leaderboard. has Teamspeak.

Commander: Three months active Member a and 250,000 points+ on star base leaderboard. Require join Teamspeak.

Junior Officer: Three months active Member on Teamspeak.

Senior Officer: Share Rights as Fleet Leader founding members a those 6 members that

Fleet Leader: is the Leader

"Sergeant,Commander,Junior Officer,Senior Officer,and, Fleet Leader."
These are only People who get access Fleet Provisions form all the Bases Peeks of Active Membership and Contributing

"Commander,Junior Officer,Senior Officer,and, Fleet Leader."
These are only People who get access Fleet Bank

Active Members:

Marked by or involving direct participation in the fleet. Playing and talking in fleetin teamspeak.
Contributing to Starbase and other the Bases.Joining Teamspeak.

Note:The Leaderboards are not always the reason members get promoted in fleet.

The <Mercenary Corp> /<Vindictive Syndicate>is growing, but there are still a number of open positions in leadership and officer. If you are an experienced leader in MMOs, if you enjoy helping others, or if you just want to be involved in the management of a Fleet, look us over!
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Apply to Join Us?

Robert Pike@Nova2284, Aug 9, 12 11:58 AM.
Something we like to know if you don't know what to post to us here!

Whats class your Main Character?

Why you like that class?

How many alts do you have?

What do Consider your role in a group?

What Starships do you fly?

What Side do you like?

What Knowledge do you have of star trek tv shows movies etc?

Some of the type of games you played in the past:

Give a rating form 1-10 of your skill level in Sto?

What do like more PvE or PvP?

What do like most about Sto?
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We take Apps for Sci Eng and Tact all ship types.Level 1-50
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